PLINT Zinc Flowerpots & Balcony Holders

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The balcony pot holders and pots have had a hot galvanization, which prevents them from rusting. Over time, the parts will oxygenate, become matte and get a more raw expression.  Heavyweight zinc, which is very solid and quality feeling.
Single holder
Height: with hook 19 cm - without hook 10 cm
Diameter: 13-16 cm
The hook can span a 4cm bar.
RRP: £26.00 inc VAT
Triple holder
Height: with hook 23 cm - without hook 11 cm
Length: 52 cm
Width: 12 cm - with hook 21.5 cm
The hook can span a 4 cm bar
RRP: £52.00 inc VAT
Height: 10.5 cm
Diameter: 13-10 cm
Space dimensions: 0.8 litres
Material: Warm-galvanized and lacquered metal
RRP: £14.00 inc VAT


HS code: 73262000

Country of Origin: Denmark