Wheelie Klips bin bag clips, sprays and bags

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The Wheelie Klips range is a brilliant invention of two identical Klips which securely hold a wheelie bin liner in place and prevents the liner from falling into the bin cavity and keeps wheelie bins clean all year round.

The design includes a unique double click action to locate on the outer rim of the wheelie bin. They work on most 120L, 180L and 240L wheelie bins.
The spray is a zesty fragrance that helps neutralise odours.
Klip N Bag is a pack of 2 clips.
- RRP £12.50
Klip N Fresh includes the clips, spray and a spray holder.
- RRP £13.50
Klip N Spray is a replacement spray.
- RRP £9.50
Klip Bags are a roll of 12 heavy duty large bin bags.
- RRP £11.50

HS code: 76151080

Country of Origin: UK